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Join the countless individuals who have taken control of their health journey by avoiding waiting lists for an MRI. Over 1 million people are currrently waiting for diagnostic imaging in the UK, but you don’t have to be one of them.

Why wait months when you can be scanned within days? We understand the urgency and importance of your health concerns, at Living Room Health, a dedicated diagnostics centre in Paddington, London, now offers you a seamless online booking experience.  Or, if you prefer complete the contact form and we will get back to you.

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Private MRI has been created in conjunction with GPs, radiologists and secondary care consultants. Our objective is to make MRI scanning more accessible and affordable by providing more information about MRI as a diagnostic tool and access to scanning centres.

We currently have MRI centres in London Paddington and are growing our partner network, providing wider national coverage as our partner centres grow.

MRI Scanning

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a type of scan that uses a combination of strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce a detailed sequence of images that can then be reported by a radiologist to achieve a clinical diagnosis.  

MRI scanners are highly versatile and are used across many medical specialties to help make accurate diagnoses. They are commonly used to identify problems in joints and organs that cannot be seen by other types of scanning methods.

MRI Scanning


What are MRI scans for?

MRI scans are highly specialised diagnostic tools used to assess the root cause of pain or injury, prior to a formal diagnosis. 

MRI scans are particularly useful for:

Are MRI scans safe?

MRI scans are painless and safer than other scanners using radiation. MRI scans do not expose your body to the harmful and potentially dangerous radiation of an x-ray or CT scanning. The magnetic waves used during the scan have no serious effect on your body, making the scans safe for almost everyone. Exceptions to this, including pregnant women and people with pacemakers, may not be eligible for an MRI. Trained radiologists will work with you to ensure that an MRI scan is totally safe for you. 

Most patients find it to be a positive experience from start to finish. All thanks to the support and care provided by experienced MRI operators before, during, and after the scan. 

At Private MRI we have access to a range of scanning centres including a powerful 3 Tesla MRI, and “open” scanners for significantly reduced claustrophobia. The type of MRI scanner used will vary depending on your condition, lifestyle, and scanner availability. All our scans are carried out by trained MRI Operators and reported by specialist Consultant Radiologists to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

Which areas of the body can we scan?

MRIs can be used to quickly and effectively diagnose the source of pain, weakness, swelling or bleeding in and around many areas of your body.

Foot & Ankle
Hand & Wrist

Patient Journey

An MRI scan is often the quickest way to achieve an accurate diagnosis of a medical problem. Their versatility, reduced risk, and speed mean the waiting list for MRIs is often longer than other diagnostic testing. This can result in difficulties within the NHS with accessibility due to prioritisation and high demand.

Private MRI scans can provide a helpful alternative patient journey, offering appointments within days. Avoid the waitlist and receive results within a week for a fast, accurate diagnosis. Our team of highly trained specialists will be with you every step of the way.   

Every report is signed off by a trained radiologist and can be shared with your GP for further analysis and to begin treatment. 

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Patient Journey


The first step is for you to submit a self-referral to us so we can check your eligibility.


We will book you in for your scan at whichever of our MRI clinics is most suitable for you.


Your scan images will be ready immediately, and a full report within 48 hours.


With your results and report, you can go ahead and get the right treatment.

Starting from £325

Need an MRI, ASAP? You’ve come to the right place. 

That knee or shoulder scan the NHS offered you in 9 months’ time could cost as little as £325 with us. For perspective, you could have 39 MRI scans with Private MRI in the time it takes the NHS to offer one scan. Now that’s real speed and real reliability! 

Whatever you need, we have a plan for you. If you need both knees, both shoulders, both hips, or a combination of joints scanned, we can set up an appointment within days for a reasonable price. We can even scan your whole body to check your overall health and provide peace of mind.

What will you scan? 

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Submitting an MRI self-referral is free and an appointment can be arranged with your busy lifestyle in mind. That’s why we’ve made it easy. We have a dedicated team on hand waiting to process your MRI self-referral. If you are eligible, we will get you booked for your MRI scan at the next available slot that’s the most convenient for you, which could be the very same day.  

Our exceptional team can walk you through the options and give you everything you need to know to ease any questions and concerns. Best of all, you only need to pay for your booking once you’re comfortable.

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